Pior Bein - To Servia via Poland - A travelogue

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Pior Bein - To Servia via Poland - A travelogue

Pior Bein, «To Servia via Poland - A travelogue»
PDF | English |1,3 Mb decompressed | 2001 year | 265 pages

Piotr Bein, a Polish Canadian, writes on the depleted uranium issue. Before, he started an on-going virtual Polish book about NATO intervention in the Balkans. His interest in the topics started with the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. In the summer of 2000 he and his son Magnus packed their bikes and flew from Canada to Poland for a bike-and-train trip south to Serbia, although not together all the way. This book conveys Piotr’s impressions from the trip. He weaves politics and history into his travelogue, mostly relating to NATO’s role in the affairs of poles and Serbs.

Some reviews of the book:
It's a great work. Rick Rozoff, editor
interest, delight and sadness. Delight for
the places, names, and the immemorial culture
they evoke. …We are indeed proceeding toward
a new age of barbarity.
Gilles d’Aymery, webmaster
…interesting and moving. …the "snap shots"
of the people you met. …I feel like I've been
there myself!
Lee Loe, IGC Internet
Being of Serbian origin and strongly opposing
NATO myself, one could say I'm "biased" but
nevertheless I enjoyed the book and still think
it is really nicely done.
Slobodan Mitrović


Pior Bein - To Servia via Poland - A travelogue