George H.A. Cole, "Planetary Science: The Science of Planets Around Stars"

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George H.A. Cole, "Planetary Science: The Science of Planets Around Stars"
Taylor & Francis | ISBN 075030815X | 2002 Year | DjVu | 7,3 Mb | 528 Pages

"This is a strong contender for a text suitable for an undergraduate course in planetary science … pitched at exactly the right level for an undergraduate physics or astronomy student … At the end of each chapter and topic there are one or two problems, well chosen to illustrate the material and to reinforce the reader's understanding … if I were teaching a course on the solar system, I would certainly have this book on my desk and use it frequently."
- Jeremy B Tatum in The Observatory

"… a useful contribution to the literature … The figures are clear and there are a few colour plates. The chapters and most of the topics end with one or two questions to which full answers are given - a welcome feature." "Their book elegantly combines physics, mathematics, geophysics and astronomy ... The second part is refreshingly unusual, concentrating on 41 planetary science topics ... The mathematical and physical approach is elegant, relevant and at a typical second-year university level. This book encourages understanding and not mere assimilation of data."
- David Hughes in New Scientist, March 2003

"The authors take the information we know of our Solar System to form the basis of a generalized planetary science, which can then be applied to any external star system ... The material would be appealing to students in physics, astronomy, geology or other science majors looking for a comprehensive overview of planetary science. Even though this book is meant to be used as a textbook, the interested individual will find it engaging and instructive. Highly recommended for academic collections."
- E-STREAMS, Vol. 5, No. 11

"Overall the book achieves its goal of providing a basic text in planetary science, while providing instructors a fair amount of flexibility in drawing basic course material from the text, as well as providing a useful reference for students. It also has a relatively large number of problems and exercises to illustrate the basic concepts ... the book is quite useful as is, and could very nicely serve as a basic text on which to build an advanced undergraduate or graduate-level course in planetary science."
-Robert H Brown, Departments of Planetary Sciences and Astronomy, University of Arizona