David Braid «Play Classical Guitar» +CD

Posted By: Sauri

Play Classical Guitar (+ CD) by David Braid

PDF | 146 pages | ISBN: 0-87930-657-2 | 2001

From playing the classical guitar, to buying one, to simply enjoying its unique beauty, repertoire and heritage, this colorful all-in-one primer reveals the riches of one of history's finest stringed instruments. It presents more than 90 exercises composed by the author that clarify techniques and concepts, as well as transcriptions of essential classical guitar repertoire. Fully illustrated with diagrams and charts, this book for beginning to advanced players covers reading music notation, theory, key signatures, musical terms, memorization, chords, arpeggios, melody, advanced techniques, playing by ear, general musicianship, and improvisation. Includes a color showcase of the finest models, players and composers; an historical overview of the classical guitar; and a companion CD that allows players to hear exactly how the exercises in the book should sound.

Download the book: Part 1 (22Mb) | Part 2 (22Mb) | Part 3 (22Mb) | Part 4 (17.3Mb)

Download the CD: CD files (21.3Mb)