Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review
Author: by Sara J. Cuccurullo
ISBN: 1888799455
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing; 1st edition (October 2004)
Format: PDF - 881 pages
List Price: $150.00
Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.1 x 1.8 inches

Book Description
"This book is a must for all residents undergoing training in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation."
Physical Medicine and Board Review" is necessary reading for all residents in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as practicing physiatrists. The book concentrates on board-related concepts in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Board Certification
1. StrokeIntroductionBasic Neuroanatomic Review of the Major Vessels Involved in StrokeBasic Neuroanatomic Review of the Major Vessels Involved in StrokeTypes of StrokeDiagnostic StudiesTreatmentStroke Rehabilitation
2. Traumatic Brain InjuryIntroductionMechanism and Recovery of Head InjuryDisorders of ConciousnessPosturing Secondary to Head InjuryPredictors of Outcome After TBIMedical Complications After TBIMild Traumatic Brain Injury and Postconcussive Syndrome
3. RheumatologyRheumatoid ArthritisOsteoarthritisJuvenile Rheumatoid ArthritisJuvenile SpondyloarthropathiesCrystal Induced SynovitisSeronegative SpondyloarthropathiesCTD and Systemic Arthritid DisordersVasculitisSjogren's SyndromeArtiritis and Infectious DisordersDeposition and Storage DiseaseOther Systemic DiseasesNeuropathic Arthropathy (Charcot's Joint)Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)Complex Regional Pain Disorder (CRPD)Tendon Disorders
4. Musculoskeletal MedicineUpper Extremities-Shoulder RegionUpper Extremities - Elbow RegionUpper Extremities - Wrist RegionUpper Extremities - Hand RegionLower Extremities - HipLower Extremities - The KneeLower Extremities - The Lower LegLower Extremities - Ankle and Foot RegionSpine Rehabilitation
5. Electrodiagnostic Medicine and Clinical Neuromuscular PhysiologyIntroductionPathophysiologyNerve Conduction StudiesSomatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSEP)Basic Needle EMGUpper Limb MononeuropathyLower Limb MononeuropathyPeripheral NeuropathyNeuromuscular Junction DisordersMyopathyMotor Neuron Disease
6. Prosthetics and OrthoticsGait AnalysisProstheticsAssistive Devices - Ambulation AidsShoes and Lower Limb OrthosesOrthoticsUpper Limb OrthoticsSpinal Orthoses
7. Spinal Cord InjuriesEpidemiology of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)AnatomySpinal PathologyClassification of SCIMedical Complications of SCIPain in the SCI PatientPressure Ulcers
8. Physical Modalities, Therapeutic Exercise, Extended Bedrest, and Aging EffectsPhysical ModalitiesTherapeutic ExercisesEffects of Extended Bedrest - Immobilization and InactivityEvaluation of Functional IndependencePhysiologic Effects of Aging
9. Pulmonary/ Cardiac/ Cancer RehabilitationPulmonary RehabilitationCardiac RehabilitationCancer Rehabilitation
10. Pediatric RehabilitationGenetics and Chromosomal AbnormalitiesDevelopment and GrowthPediatric Limb DeficienciesDiseases of The Bones and JointsConnective Tissue and Joint DiseasePediatric BurnsPediatric CancersTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI)Cerebral Palsy (CP)Spina BifidaNeuromuscular Disease in Children
11. Associated Topics in Physical Medicine and RehabilitationSpasticityMovement DisordersWheelchairsMultiple Sclerosis (MS) osteoporosisRehabilitation of Burn InjuriesEpilogue

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