Practical Child Psychiatry

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Practical Child Psychiatry

Practical Child Psychiatry

English | 400 pages | ISBN: 0727915932 | PDF | 4.79 MB

Book Description
For all busy health care professionals who work with troubled children and adolescents with behavioural and emotional problems. Presented in a concise, practical and accessible guide to the assessment and treatment of the child in distress.The first section offers a bird's eye view of psychiatric disorder, including definitions, demography, aetiology and assessment. Section two describes the clinical picture of the more common disorders and overviews their treatment. The finer details of the most commonly used treatments are presented in section three.The style is jargon free and to the point, with an emphasis on management with tips on what to say to families.

Book Info
Univ. of London, UK. Text offers a practical guide for the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. Aimed for clinicians who are not necessarily trained in child and adolescent mental health. Discusses the background, assessment, and treatments for children in distress. Addresses psychosis, sleep problems, and eating disorders.
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