Practical Sigil Magic

Posted By: rush11
All in all, the book is rather scarce, and expensive. However, upon acquisition one quickly discovers that it is very much worth whatever the price tag that accompanied it. The rich fullness of information contained within its pages is not to be found on the web.

With that in mind, upon reading the book and putting its teachings into practice, it becomes quite obvious why PSM is so sought after, and why it is unlikely that it will ever be reprinted - it was never intended for the eyes of the masses; indeed, giving this book to the unprepared would be closely equivalent to giving handgrenades to toddlers.

If you are seeking a book that will supply you with a small but very versatile range of relatively simple but exceedingly potent techniques, showing you how to quickly and easily access and alter both your own innermost being and the fabric of your local reality field, look no further. Practical Sigil Magic delivers completely.