Speak Smart II (1st ed.)

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Speak Smart II (1st ed.)

Julian Fleisher - Speak Smart II (1st ed.)
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Speak Smart: Overcome Your Fears and Give Great Speeches
If you'd rather die a thousand deaths than speak in front of a crowd, this program is for you. Speak Smart shows you how to make effective presentations to any audience, from classmates to colleagues to the local PTA.
This program includes:
Writing and preparing a speech
Using outlines, notes, scripts, or ad-libbing
Using a microphone and visual aids
Overcoming stage fright
Making the most of body language
Handling difficult questions from the audience
Speak Smart presents essential information and advice with The Princeton Review's well-known sense of humor and irreverence, getting the point across in a lively, memorable way. This program is ideal for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to communicate fearlessly