Pro ASP .NET 2.0 In C# 2005 (with source code)

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Pro ASP .NET 2.0 In C# 2005 (with source code)

Matthew MacDonald, Mario Szpuszta, "Pro ASP .NET 2.0 In C# 2005"
Apress | Sep 2005 | ISBN: 1590594967 | English | 1288 pages | PDF | 17.8 MB (book with source code)

In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to master ASP.NET 2.0. If you’ve programmed with a previous version of ASP.NET, you’ll sail through the basics and quickly begin learning about the exciting new features in version 2.0. If you’ve never programmed with ASP.NET, you’ll find that this book provides a well-paced tour that leads through all the fundamentals, along with a backstage pass that lets you see how the ASP.NET internals reallywork.

The only requirement for this book is that you have a solid understanding of the C# language and the basics of .NET. If you’re a seasoned Java or C++ developer but you’re new to C#, you may find it easier to start with a book about .NET fundamentals before you read this one. Try C# and the .NET 2.0 Platform,Third Edition for a comprehensive introduction or, for a quicker start, read A Programmer’s Introduction to C# 2.0,Third Edition.

Unlike the ASP.NET 1.0 release, ASP.NET 2.0 doesn’t represent the start of a new direction in web development. In fact, almost all the underlying architecture that underpins ASP.NET 1.0 remains the same in ASP.NET 2.0. The difference is that ASP.NET 2.0 adds layers of higher-level features to the existing technology. Essentially, after the success of ASP.NET 1.0, MS poured developers, time, and resources intoplanning and preparing ASP.NET 2.0.

Seeing as they no longer needed to rewrite the ASP.NET engine, the ASP.NET team members were free to be innovative with new controls, create better data management solutions, build a role-based security framework, and even make a whole toolkit for creating portal websites. In short, ASP.NET 2.0 gives developers a chance to relax and enjoy a wealth of new frills designed for their favorite platform. In this book, you’ll learn how to use, customize, and extend all these features.

Part 1 - Core Concepts
Part 2 - Data Access
Part 3 - Building ASP.NET Websites
Part 4 - Security
Part 5 - Advanced User Interface
Part 6 - Web Services

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