Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes

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Schaum's Outline of Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes | by Hwei Hsu | Published by Mc Graw Hill | Ebook | PDF | 320 pages | 4 Mb|

Book Description:

Designed for students in various disciplines of engineering, science, mathematics, management and business, this effective study tool includes hundreds of problems with step-by-step solutions and another 150 problems with hints or delayed answers. The solved problems illustrate and strongly reinforce vital theory and techniques. Topics taught include functions of random variables; expectation and limit theorems; and estimation theory, decision theory and queuing theory.

If you are taking a course on probability and stochastic process, and are struggling in your course, then look no further. Start working on the problems in this study guide. Like many other reviewers of this study guide, I was one of those "saved" by this book. (My course text was Papoulis.)

Let me outline the pros of this book:
+ Consistent mathematical notations and conventions
+ Systematic and organized (easily identifiable chapters, sections, and subsections that flow logically from one to another)
+ Excellent summary of difficult concepts at the beginning of each chapter
+ Every end-of-chapter problem adds to your understanding (I'm not saying "most of them", I mean "every"!)
+ Every problem solution is concise and well-presented

The only suggestion to the book:
- Add more intermediate/advanced material into this study guide (e.g. more on Markov Process/Markov chain, Martingales, Poisson Process, advanced Queueing Theory, etc.)

If you like this book, you should also consider the other books (study guides) written by Dr. Hsu as well. Most of them are as compact, concise, and clear as this one.

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