Process Engineering Economics (Re-upload)

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Process Engineering Economics (Re-upload)

James Couper, “Process Engineering Economics” (Chemical Industries)
CRC Press (2003) | PDF | 384 Pages | English | 2.4M | ISBN: 082474036X

Process Engineering Economics (Chemical Industries) outlines the fundamental concepts and strategies for economic assessments for informed management decisions in industry. The book illustrates how to prepare capital cost and operating expense estimates, profitability analyses, and feasibility studies, and execute sensitivity and uncertainty assessments. From financial reports to opportunity costs and engineering trade-offs, Process Engineering Economics considers a wide range of alternatives for profitable investing and for projecting outcomes in various chemical and engineering fields and monitors costs, finances, and economic limitations at every stage of chemical project design, preparation, and evaluation.

- Includes methods to read, analyze, perform, and comprehend financial reports
- Offers techniques to estimate capital costs using rules of thumb and cost algorithms
- Presents methods to prepare operating expense estimates
- Covers cash-flow models for project analysis and corporate decision-making
- Discusses economic constraints affecting the application of various technologies

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