Programmable Logic Design Quick Start Hand Book "Xilinx" Second Edition

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Programmable Logic Design Quick Start Hand Book "Xilinx" Second Edition

Author Name :Karen Parnell & Nick Mehta
published by : Xilinx company ......

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About the book :
Whether you design with discrete logic, base all of your designs on
microcontrollers, or simply want to learn how to use the latest and most
advanced programmable logic software, you will find this book an
interesting insight into a different way to design.
Programmable logic devices were invented in the late seventies and
since then have proved to be very popular and are now one of the
largest growing sectors in the semiconductor industry. Why are
programmable logic devices so widely used? Programmable logic
devices provide designers ultimate flexibility, time to market advantage,
design integration, are easy to design with and can be reprogrammed
time and time again even in the field to upgrade system functionality.
This book was written to complement the popular XilinxÒ Campus
Seminar series but can also be used as a stand-alone tutorial and
information source for the first of your many programmable logic
designs. After you have finished your first design this book will prove
useful as a reference guide or quick start handbook.
The book details the history of programmable logic, where and how to
use them, how to install the free, full functioning design software (Xilinx
WebPACKä ISE included with this book) and then guides you through
your first of many designs. There are also sections on VHDL and
schematic capture design entry and finally a data bank of useful
applications examples.


This book is very useful for those who are working with FPGA and PLD devices which is the topic of my graduation project this year .......................
Have Fun .......