Programming C# (4th Edition)

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Programming C# (4th Edition)

The fourth edition of Programming C#–the top-selling C# book on the market–has been updated to the C# ISO standard as well as changes to Microsoft's implementation of the language. It also provides notes and warnings on C# 1.1 and C# 2.0. Aimed at experienced programmers and web developers, Programming C#, 4th Edition doesn't waste too much time on the basics. Rather, it focuses on the features and programming patterns that are new to C# language. Some of these new features covered in-depth include:

Visual Studio 2005


Collection interfaces and iterators

Anonymous methods

New ADO.NET data controls

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming

Author Jesse Liberty, an acclaimed web programming expert and entrepreneur, teaches C# in a way that experienced programmers will appreciate by grounding its applications firmly in the context of Microsoft's .NET platform and the development of desktop and Internet applications. Liberty also incorporates reader suggestions from previous editions to help create the most consumer-friendly guide possible.