Programming Visual Basic 2005

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Programming Visual Basic 2005

Jesse Liberty, "Programming Visual Basic 2005"
O'Reilly | Sep 2005 | ISBN: 0596009496 | English | 568 pages | CHM | 13 MB

The goal of this book is to make you immediately productive, creating Windows and Web applications using Visual Basic and its associated tools.

By creating applications, you will learn Visual Basic as it has evolved for .NET. You'll see how to use the tools effectively, and you'll learn the details of building robust object-oriented applications.

The focus of this book is on building Windows applications and building Web applications (including Web Services). In a sense, this is really two books in one. The first book could have been called Building Windows Applications with Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2005, and the second Building Web Applications And Web Services with Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2005. By putting them in a single volume, we can combine all the supplemental and background material, and give you more bang for your buck.

Chapter 01 - Design and First Forms
Chapter 02 - Data Access
Chapter 03 - Cool Controls
Chapter 04 - Custom Controls
Chapter 05 - GDI+ and Drawing
Chapter 06 - Mice and Fonts
Chapter 07 - Legacy COM Controls
Chapter 08 - Web Application, Design, and First Forms
Chapter 09 - Validation Controls
Chapter 10 - Master Pages and Navigation
Chapter 11 - Web Data Access
Chapter 12 - Personalization
Chapter 13 - Custom Controls
Chapter 14 - Web Services
Chapter 15 - Visual Studio 2005
Chapter 16 - Visual Basic 2005 Fundamentals
Chapter 17 - Using Collections and Generics
Chapter 18 - Object-Oriented Visual Basic 2005

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