Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

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Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals
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This course will take you from zero to a level where you can write any Qt C++ Gui application you may want. It is aimed at complete beginners but people with varying levels of experience wishing to learn Qt C++ Gui will equally find it useful.
We visit the fascinating concept signals and slots in Qt where you learn the most flexible way to respond to events.

Next we dive in the Qt Widgets section and visit some of the most important widget classes in Qt.

Dialogs are explored next, we look at QDialog and how to build your own custom dialog class from scratch, QDialogButtonBox, QMessageBox, QFontDialog, QFileDialog, QInputDialog and how they add a layer of interactivity to your Qt GUI applications.

We then go on and explore how to work with the Qt Resource System, Styling your Qt applications with QStyle, QPalette and Style Sheets, Saving your application settings with QSetting, Working with Files and Directories using QFile and QDir and we wrap up the course with a tour of the network capabilities of Qt.

This course was designed to help you succeed in becoming a Qt Gui application developer regardless of your current level of expertise. The only requirement is to bring in an open mind and a strong willingness to learn.


* Getting Started
Getting Started
Downloading and Installing Qt Creator on Windows
Teaser : Build your First Qt Gui App in 10 minutes!
Downloading and Installing Qt Creator-Linux and Mac
Qt-An Overview of Qt Creator and Tooling (Compilers,Debuggers)

* C++ Beginner Crash Course
Your First C++ console Program
Streams-Input and Output
C++ Variables and Data Types
C++ Operators and Flow Control
C++ Demo Game Program : Guess My Number
C++ Functions
C++ Classes Part 1 of 3
C++ Classes Part 2 of 3
C++ Classes Part 3 of 3
Your First Qt Gui Application
Demo-Guess Numbers Gui

* Signals And Slots
C++ Lambda Basics
Connecting Signals to Slots : 3 Different Ways
Demo -Your Try on Signals and Slots

* A Tour of Qt Widgets
QWidget Class Part 1 of 2
QWidget Class Part 2 of 2
QMainWindow Class
QMessageBox Class
QPushButton Class
QLineEdit Class
QTextEdit Class
QLabel Class
Qt Layouts
Size Policy and Stretches
QCheckBox and QRadioButton Classes
The QList Class : Store your Objects in a List
QComboBox Class
QListWidge Class
QTabWidget Class
Menus and Toolbars : QAction, QMenu, QToolbar

* Working With Dialogs
QDialog Part 1 of 2
QDialog Part 2 of 2
File Dialogs
Font Dialog
Color Dialog

* Working with Resources
The Qt Resource System Explained
Working with Resource Files in your Qt Application

* Styling your Qt Applications
An Overview on Qt Styling Offerings
QPalette Used Right
Working with Style Sheets
Style Sheets in External Files
Demo : Doing More with Style Sheets

* Working with Settings
QSettings Explained
Working with QSettings in Qt App

* Working with Files and Directories
QFile: Reading and Writting Files
QDir : Manipulating Directories

* Model View Architecture Framework
Introduction to the Model View Framework of Qt
Your first try on QModelIndexes
Working with QFileSystemModel
Working with QStandardItemModel
Working with QStringListModel
Building your Custom Model
Working with Roles in the Model
Notifying the view of Changes in the Model
Managing View Header Data
QStandardItem API and QSelectionModel

* Working with Networks
An Overview of Qt Network Offerings
Downloading Html Pages in Your Qt App
Handling SSL Warnings/Errors when Downloading SSL Protected Data
Consuming REST APIs in your Qt App
Farewell and Next Steps

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Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)

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Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners: The Fundamentals (Updated)