A.Fetter, J.Walecka, "Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems"

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Alexander L. Fetter, John Dirk Walecka, "Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems"
Dover Publications | ISBN 0486428273 | 2003 Year | DjVu | 5,84 Mb | 617 Pages

"Singlemindedly devoted to its job of educating potential many-particle theorists ... deserves to become the standard text in the field." — Physics Today.

"The most comprehensive textbook yet published in its field and every postgraduate student or teacher in this field should own or have access to a copy." — Endeavor.

A self-contained treatment of nonrelativistic many-particle systems, this text discusses both formalism and applications. Chapters on second quantization and statistical mechanics introduce ground-state (zero-temperature) formalism, which is explored by way of Green's functions and field theory (fermions), Fermi systems, linear response and collective modes, and Bose systems. Finite-temperature formalism is examined through field theory at finite temperature, physical systems at finite temperature, and real-time Green's functions and linear response. Additional topics cover canonical transformations and applications to physical systems in terms of nuclear matter, phonons and electrons, superconductivity, and superfluid helium as well as applications to finite systems.