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Смотрели кино «Секреты Лос-Анжелеса» (L.A. Confidential) c Кевином Спейси, Расселом Кроу, Гаем Пирсом, Ким Бэссинджер, Дэнни де Вито в главных ролях? Понравилось? А теперь почитайте книги, по одной из которых был снят этот фильм, получите на порядок больше удовольствия.

L.A. Quartet by James Ellroy | .doc.rar | 1.2 MB

L.A. Quartet Sequence:
1. The Black Dahlia (1987)
2. The Big Nowhere (1988)
3. L.A. Confidential (1990)
4. White Jazz (1992)

The Black Dahlia (1987)

ISBN: 0446674362
Format: Paperback, 336pp
Pub. Date: March 1998
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated

This fictionalized version of Hollywood’s most notorious murder case takes readers on a hellish journey through the movie capital and into a region of total madness.
On January 15, 1947, the tortured body of a beautiful young woman was found in a vacant lot in Hollywood. Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, a young Hollywood hopeful, had been brutally murdered. Her murder sparked one of the greatest manhunts in California history.
In this fictionalized treatment of a real case, Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard, both LA cops obsessed with the Black Dahlia, journey through the seamy underside of Hollywood to the core of the dead girl’s twisted life.

Passionate, violent, frustrating… imaginative and bizarre.
—Los Angeles Times

Building like a symphony, this is a wonderful, complicated, but accessible tale of ambition, insanity, passion and deceit.
—Publishers Weekly

The Big Nowhere (1988)

ISBN: 0446674370
Format: Paperback, 416pp
Pub. Date: April 1998
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated

Author of the bestselling Black Dahlia, James Ellroy, pens another thriller—a noir epic of three men caught in a web of ambition, perversion and deceit during the fifties in L.A. Each is on a collision course with the Commie scare and a string of brutal murders. Reissue.
Los Angeles, 1950. Red crosscurrents and a string of brutal killings. Three men caught up in a massive web of ambition, perversion and deceit.
The characters: Danny Upshaw—a sheriff’s deputy stuck with a bunch of snuffs that nobody cares about. Mal Considine—DA’s office brass, climbing on the Red scare bandwagon to advance his own career. Buzz Meeks— bagman, ex-goon and pimp for Howard Hughes, a man who fights communism for the money. All three have purchased tickets to a nightmare worse than their darkest dreams.
X-rated for violence.

Stark, brutal, tender and powerful…a remarkably vivid portrait of a remarkable time and place.
—Publisher’s Source

L.A. Confidential (1990)

ISBN: 0446674249
Format: Paperback, 512pp
Pub. Date: September 1997
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated

The movie Janet Maslin of the New York Times calls:
“Gangbusters! A shrewd, elegant film with a flawless ensemble cast and style to burn”; L.A. Confidential is an epic crime novel that stands as a steel-edged time capsule—Los Angeles in the 1950s, a remarkable era defined in dark shadings.
A horrific mass murder invades the lives of victims and victimizers on both sides of the law—three cops treading quicksand in the middle.
Detective Ed Exley wants glory. Haunted by his father’s success as a policeman, he will pay any price, break any law to eclipse him.
Detective Bud White watched his own father murder his mother—he is now bent on random vengeance, a time bomb with a badge.
Celebrity cop Jack Vincennes shakes down movie stars for a scandal magazine. An old secret possesses him—he’ll do anything to keep it buried.
Three cops in a spiral, a nightmare that tests loyalty and courage, a nightmare that offers no mercy, allows for no survivors. Here is James Ellroy’s masterpiece… darkness to haunt you in shades of red, gray, and black.

White Jazz (1992)

ISBN: 0375727361
Format: Paperback, 368pp
Pub. Date: April 2001
Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group

The toughest and most successful period crime novel yet by the bestselling author of L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia. As commanding officer in the LAPD’s Administrative Vice Division, David Klein thought he had seen it all. But this is 1958, and murder, bribery, scams, beatings and shakedowns are a way of life.
Killings, beatings, bribes, shakedowns—it’s all in a day’s work for Lieutenant Dave Klein, Los Angeles Police Department. Trained as a lawyer in school, schooled as a strongarm on the street, bought and paid for by the mob, there’s nothing he’s not into and nobody’s better at any of it. But in the fall of 1958, when the Feds announce a full-out investigation into police corruption, everything goes haywire. Suddenly, the game Klein thought he was running has a new set of rules—and they’re not his. He’s been hung out as bait, “a bad cop to draw the heat,” and the heat’s coming from all sides: from local politicians, from LAPD brass, from racketeers and drug kingpins—all of them hell-bent on keeping their own dirty secrets hidden. For Klein, “forty-two and going on dead,” it’s dues time. And it’s Klein who tells his own story—his voice clipped and sharp and as brutal as the events he’s describing—taking us with him on a hellish journey through a world shaped by monstrous ambition, greed, and perversion. It’s a world he helped create, but now he’ll do anything to get out of it alive… Fierce, riveting, and honed to a razor-edge, White Jazz is crime fiction at its most shattering, and the most explosive novel yet from James Ellroy.