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React: Zero to Full-Stack (Video Collection)

Posted By: lucky_aut
React: Zero to Full-Stack (Video Collection)

React: Zero to Full-Stack (Video Collection)
Duration: 27h 58m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 29.2 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This course contains everything you need to know to become a full-stack developer with the React stack.


Basic knowledge of how programming works
Some experience with the command line (not required)
Ideally, know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
At the very least, have a strong grasp of basic programming concepts: variables, arrays, control flow, etc.
Working knowledge of JavaScript
Some experience working on either the front or back end of a web application, but this is not a requirement

28+ Hours of Video Instruction

React: Zero to Full-Stack video collection is based on four video courses that give you everything you need to become a full-stack developer with the React and MERN stacks.

This master class includes the following courses:
Learn JavaScript LiveLessons
Learn React for Modern Web Applications LiveLessons
Access the companion code for this product at https://github.com/shaunwa/learn-react-livelessons
Node.js Essentials LiveLessons
The code repository for this LiveLesson can be accessed at https://github.com/shaunwa/node-course
Full-Stack React LiveLessons
Access the supplemental resources for this LiveLesson at https://github.com/shaunwa/full-stack-react
Learn JavaScript LiveLessons gives first-time JavaScript users what they need to become successful developers. Shaun Wassell offers a modern, full-fledged introduction to JavaScript. In particular, the viewer learns the modern syntax of JavaScript: ES6. Shaun delivers step-by-step guidance that takes the learner from the basic syntax and concepts of JavaScript, all the way through the more advanced concepts that are covered in technical interviews.

Learn React for Modern Web Applications LiveLessons provides a solid foundation in creating modern web applications using the latest version of React. React enables developers to create beautiful, performant, easily maintainable websites incredibly quickly. React is currently the most popular JavaScript framework on the market and is used by a majority of companies, yet it has one of the largest gaps between the number of employers who want it and the number of developers who know it. In short, 33% of employers need React skills, but only 19% of developers say they know React.

Node.js Essentials LiveLessons teaches you how to write performant back-end applications in JavaScript by leveraging the Node.js runtime. Several years ago, it wasn't possible to write JavaScript programs for the back end. JavaScript was strictly limited to running in a browser, and if a developer wanted to write back-end software, they had little choice but to learn another programming language, such as PHP. Now, that has all changed. Thanks to Node.js, which enables JavaScript to be run outside the browser, JavaScript developers can write web servers, server-side scripts, and any number of other useful back-end programs.

Full-Stack React LiveLessons covers the fundamentals of full-stack development with the MERN (MongoDB Express, React, and Node.js) stack. For the full stack, developers need to make sure both the front and back end communicate well together. Toward that end, this video teaches you how everything works, what the key responsibilities of each component are, and how they flow together. Shaun addresses the key points for developers, with specific examples to demonstrate concepts.

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