Real and Complex Singularities

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Real and Complex Singularities

David Mond, Marcelo Saia, "Real and Complex Singularities"
CRC | ISBN 0824740912 | March 3, 2003 | PDF | 336 Pages | 14.1 MB

This text offers a selection of papers on singularity theory presented at the Sixth Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities held at ICMC-USP, Brazil. It should help students and specialists to understand results that illustrate the connections between singularity theory and related fields. The authors discuss irreducible plane curve singularities, openness and multitransversality, the distribution Afs and the real asymptotic spectrum, deformations of boundary singularities and non-crystallographic coxeter groups, transversal Whitney topology and singularities of Haefliger foliations, the topology of hypersurface singularities, polar multiplicities and equisingularity of map germs from C3 to C4, and topological invariants of stable maps from a surface to the plane from a global viewpoint.