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Christopher Lee Martin, "Reason 3 Overdrive!"

Posted By: Alexpal
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Christopher Lee Martin, "Reason 3 Overdrive!"
Course Technology PTR | ISBN 1592006590 | 2005 Year | PDF | 26,88 Mb | 280 Pages

Geared toward advanced users of Reason, this book offers succinct chunks of guru-level advice - power techniques gleaned from the author's experience as a Reason power user. This new version 3 of Reason, Propellerhead's flagship music application, is used to emulate audio hardware such as samplers, analog synths, mixers, drum machines, effects and a real-time multi-track sequencer. The tips, presented in bite-size chunks, bring you to the next level and enable you to hone your skills on various functions within the application. Written to provide you with a resource that helps you along the way, this book gets you through a tip in a maximum of 2 pages. This guide will stay on your shelf and serve as a useful reference for whenever you are working within Reason.