Red Hat Linux Security & Optimazation

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Red Hat Linux Security & Optimazation full ISO

This is a full ISO of CD which came with book
and includes the entire book in PDF

ISBN: 0-7645-4754-2
Red Hat Press

File size: 46.0Mb
Rar Password: Hondo


Red Hat Linux Security & Optimazation

CD Contents:

Book Chapters in Searchable PDF Format

All the chapters of the book are included on the CD in PDF format
so that you can search and print information from it for your own
use only. We have included Acrobat Reader 5.0 for Windows platforms
in the CD for your convenience.

Sample Book Scripts in Text Format

All sample scripts developed by the author are included on the CD
in text format. Copy each script from appropriate directory and
modify as you need to.


Tripwire Open Source, Linux edition is a data/network integrity
software. You can learn more about Tripwire at


OpenSSL is the open-source implementation of the Secure Socket
Layer (SSL) protocol. Many programs, such as Apache-SSL and
OpenSSH, need the OpenSSL source distribution.


OpenSSH is a secure shell program that uses OpenSSL technology to
encrypt all network traffic. You can learn more about OpenSSH at

John The Ripper

John the Ripper is a password cracker, which detects weak
passwords. You can learn more about this software at


Netcat is a network utility program that allows a system
administrator to debug and explore network security issues. It
works with TCP and UDP protocols.


gShield is an iptables firewall. You can learn more about gSheild
at is a Perl script that acts as a simple CGI script
scanner, which looks for known vulnerabilities in Perl-based CGI


Postfix is a Sendmail alternative SMTP mail server. You can learn
about Postfix at


Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is security analysis
tool, which is based on the famous security assessment tool called
SATAN. To learn more about SARA, visit http://www-


PortSentry is a port scan detection tool. You can learn about this
tool at


Whisker is a CGI vulnerability scanner, which detects known CGI
vulnerabilities in CGI scripts.


Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool (SAINT) is a
security assessment tool, which has been derived from the famous
security assessment tool called SATAN. You can learn more about


Swatch monitors log entries in log files and has the ability to
trigger alarms or events in case of security breaches. You can
learn more about Swatch at

Snort is a packet sniffing and rules based logging tool. You can learn more
about snort at


tcpdump is a network packet dump and monitoring tool. You can
monitor specifics of each packet traveling via a network interface
using this tool. To learn more about this tool, visit


The source distribution of the Perl scripting language is included
on the CD. To install Perl on your Red Hat Linux system, extract
the source distribution in a directory such as /usr/local/src on
your hard disk and read the INSTALL file for details.


Nessus is a network security audit client/server tool. You can
learn about Nessus at


Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS) is a kernel-level intrusion
detection and protection system for Linux. You can learn more about
LIDS at This software is
included in the CD.


LSOF shows the list of files opened by processes. You can learn
more about LSOF at


Network Mapper (Nmap) is a network scanner and security auditing
utility. To learn more about Nmap visit


Vetescan is a suite of security vulnerability scanner and exploit
detection programs. You can learn about Vetescan at


ngrep is a network traffic equivalent of the famous Unix utility
called grep. It allows you to use regular expressions to match data
within an IP packet. To learn more about ngrep visit

Apache Web Server

The latest release version of the Apache server source distribution
is included on the CD.