Relativity Demystified - A Self-Teaching Guide

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Relativity Demystified - A Self-Teaching Guide

Relativity Demystified - A Self-Teaching Guide

McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN: 0071455450 | 344 pgs | Dec 2005 | PDF | 5.22 MB


Now anyone can grasp Einstein's great theory of relativity – without formal training, unlimited time, or a genius IQ. In Relativity Demystified, theoretical physicists (and student-savvy authors) David McMahon and Paul Ansing provide an effective, illuminating, and entertaining way to learn the essentials and formulas of Einstein's theories.

With Relativity Demystified, you master the subject one step at a time—at your own speed. This unique self-teaching guide offers problems at the end of each chapter and part to pinpoint weaknesses, and a 100-question final exam to reinforce the entire book.

This fast and entertaining self-teaching course makes it much easier to:

* Master theoretical physics at your own pace
* Learn the formulas and principles of special and general relativity from hundreds of worked examples
* Use practical mathematical tools for solving relativity problems
* Receive layperson's explanations for Schwarzhild spacetimes, black holes, gravitational radiation, and actual current research
* Perform better in one of the scariest courses of all
* Take a final exam and grade it yourself!