Rich Jerk Updated

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Rich Jerk Updated

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The Rich Jerk is frequently referred to as "Da Man" by his friends and family, that is, the few who still talk to him. But the Jerk is okay with that, because most of them just ask for money anyway.

The Jerk has made millions of dollars online, mostly as an affiliate marketer. No doubt you have seen many of his websites and advertisements on the internet, and likely purchased as a result of them.

The Rich Jerk keeps a low profile because he enjoys anonymity, preferring not to be bothered by people everywhere he goes. Plus, he just really doesn't like people all that much. He also doesn't do interviews, so don't ask. The Rich Jerk considers himself too important to do such things.

But he WILL help you make a lot of money… long as your IQ is somewhere above the Moron level. Jerk.html