Ron Ranson-Solving the Mystery of Watercolor (the true one)

Posted By: mojojo
David Taylors Artwork and Ron Ransons commentary combine to produce an outstanding work on watercolour painting. David has the ability to simplify the most complex scene into a magical piece of artwork: displaying bold brush strokes with the ability to get it right first time; His use of positive and negative space is brilliant, clearly showing an understanding of watercolour and how to bring out the very essence of his chosen subjects so beautifully.
I found the book inspiring me to greater achievement in my own painting and continually enjoy Ron's script its humour and the simple way he points the way, teaching through Davids work.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in watercolour, it teaches so much about the medium - it truly does go a long long way to solving the mystery of watercolour in a most enjoyable way.

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