Ross Jeffries - Unstoppable Confidence - Speed Seduction

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Ross Jeffries - Unstoppable Confidence - Speed Seduction

Ross Jeffries - How To Have Unstoppable Confidence and Power With Women
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First, a bit of history. Who is Ross Jeffries? He's the original seduction guru. He began research into seduction in contemporary society, plundered through psychological techniques like NLP, Silva, hypnosis, meditation, invented quite a few of his own and is basically the white wizard of the seductive arts. In the early 80's he wrote the then best selling infamous book "How to get any woman you desire into bed".

He pioneered the countrywide seminars on seduction. When the internet took off,he found a new playground to expand his experiments, share his philosophies in the fabled newsgroup and spread his methods. Among his many disiciples then were David Denagelo, Mystery!, Thundercat before they went on to start their own programs. In fact after Neil Strauss release of "The Game" (An insiders look at the speed dating community), many of them are now coming out begrudgingly owning up their tribute to him.

The "Unspeakable Confidence" tapes puts the user through a six-day boot camp of becoming a debonair, artful seducer . Using NLP and other Assertion State techniques, the goal in essence is to dig out that latent seducer in you, and put him back in control. Where Jeffries differs most from his other instructors is in bare knuckles, no apologies, unfussy instructing which lays the "tools" out cleanly.The real-time approach on the tapes carries across his coaching with a clarity and immediacy (Especially with the NLP) not heard elsewhere.

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Ross Jeffries - Unstoppable Confidence - Speed Seduction