Running MS-DOS 20th Anniversity Edition

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Running MS-DOS 20th Anniversity Edition

Author: Van Wolverton
ISBN: 0735618127
Publisher: Microsoft Press - July 2002

Get the all-time best-selling guide to the operating system that made personal computing history. This special commemorative edition of RUNNING MS-DOS celebrates 20 years as the PC user's choice for understanding and using MS-DOS. Featuring Van Wolverton's genial, down-to-earth style and lucid explanations, this one-stop guide demystifies MS-DOS functions and commands for the everyday user looking to optimize PC performance. Topics include managing files, disks, and devices; using the Shell; editing text files; protecting your system from damage and loss; tailoring DOS to your specific needs; and creating your own commands and batch files. This 20-year edition is loaded with skill-building exercises and hundreds of helpful screen shots, illustrations, and examples.

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