Running MS DOS Version 6.22 -20th Anniversary Edition

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Van Wolverton, "Running MS DOS Version 6.22 -20th Anniversary Edition" Microsoft Press | ISBN 0735618127 | 2003 Year | CHM | ~2 Mb | 612 Pages

PART 1: Getting to Know MS-DOS
.What Is MS-DOS?
.Starting MS-DOS
.Getting Your Bearings
.A Look at Files and Floppy Disks

PART 2: Learning to Use MS-DOS
.Managing Your Files
.Managing Your Floppy Disks
.Managing Your Devices
.A Tree of Files
.Managing Your Hard Disk
.Protecting Your Disks and Files
.The MS-DOS Shell
.Creating and Editing Files of Text
.Taking Control of Your System
.Creating Your Own Commands
.Creating Smart Commands
.Creating More Smart Commands
.Tailoring Your System

PART 3: Appendixes
.Appendix A Installing MS-DOS
.Appendix B Glossary
.Appendix C MS-DOS Command Reference