Sandman - Endless Nights

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Sandman - Endless Nights

The Sandman series is the saga of the Dream Lord Morpheus and his family The Endless. The Endless are immortal beings spawned at creation, following all living things and essentially are metaphors for life - its passions, its influences, its journey.

Gaiman created an entire alternate mythos which he seamlessly integrated into human history, the great civilizations, across faiths and cultures and into contemporary urban-nia in a captivating storyline weaved around philosophy, lost religions, global fables, the apocrypha and a dose of Shakespeare and Greek tragedy.

Now more on the book. As always, Dream and Death stories are among the best. For the first time, the two aspects of Despair and an earlier version of Death are revelaed. A pleasurable suprise are the stories of Desire and Despair. In hindsight, Milo Manara is the best artist to illustrate Desire and his rendition is a favorite. Manara's usual work though visually alluring always seemed to lack plot. But in this Gaiman story he really comes into his element.

What can I say about Despair? The twin sister of Desire, she always seemed to be little more than a gray little puddle in the background in the series. But here she's finally been given her chilly due. While reading the "Fiffteen Potraits Of Despair", you won't as much read as muse and feel as you study each potrait. And feel that cold ball of anguish grow in your stomach as you understand despair.

I love this book so much, I actually got a copy of it on my shelf!

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For those in the know, I'm back from another painful operation, recovering well and plan to do a Sandman esoterica series to begin with - the good stuff! Bouquets or brickbats on my review and english are always welcome. Since this is in the comic reader CBR format, you can always rename the file to rar to extract any page that catches your fancy. And many will.