Sandman Presents - Lucifer - The Morningstar Option

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«Sandman Presents - Lucifer - The Morningstar Option»
Written by Mike Carey Art by Scott Hampton Creator and Consultant Neil Gaiman

ISBN 1-61941-2149-4 | 1999 Year | CBR | 19.64 Mb | 75 Pages

Sandman Presents - Lucifer - The Morningstar Option

Lucifer debuted in the third story of Sadman. In a hell wonderfully illustrated by the mad artist Sam Keith (The MAXx), the first encounter between the frail dream king and the menacing, graceful trader of souls was a thinly veiled battle of proud wits, shifting alleginaces and sneering snides on a celestial scale. The coat of arms that Lucifer carries throughout the series. The androgynous, smooth gesturing, milk tones of Sam Keith's Lucifer belied the feral cunning and malevolent calulating of his each move.

When the Sandman Series concluded, Vertigo wanted to expand on certain characters from the Sandman Universe under the "Sandman Presents" label. Seprate from both "Sandman" and the soon-followed "Lucifer" series (riding on the success of this issues and declared the Best Fantasy Comic being published) , The Morningstar Option is a story of false love, celestial trickery and mortal deceit - as can be played only by the angel who forfeited his wings - Lucifer.

Mike Carey's take on Lucifer's character is intresting. Is his seemingly selfish cunning, lack of conscience, manipulation of mortals the misunderstood flip side of his uncomprimising indviduality, faith in intellignece and staunch belief in this motives?

You can't help and question sometimes the popluar conception of right and wrong and where things actually stand at. Which always makes for a good read. Perhaps Lucifer is everything you're warned not to be, but end up realising you want to be….

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