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SAP HANA Interview Questions & Answers

Posted By: lucky_aut
SAP HANA Interview Questions & Answers

SAP HANA Interview Questions & Answers
Last updated 2022-12-07
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Practice frequently asked interview questions on SAP HANA module & crack interviews. Prepare for SAP HANA certification.
What you'll learn
Practice interview questions & answers on SAP HANA module
Gain knowledge to become an SAP HANA Consultant
Understand the most frequently asked questions on SAP HANA
Prepare for SAP HANA Certification exam
Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!
A warm welcome to the SAP HANA Interview Questions & Answers course by Uplatz.

This SAP HANA Interview Questions course will help you go through the most commonly asked questions in interviews for SAP HANA Solution Architects, Consultants, and Administrators. This SAP HANA course will also help you crack the SAP HANA certification exam. You will get familiar to the practical problems and their solutions within SAP HANA module in the form of frequently asked questions and answers.

SAP HANA is a disruptive technological innovation with real-time single–in-memory platform for analytics that combines database, high-performance data processing, and application capabilities. This would let users work on a large amount of data at an impressive speed thereby being used for real-time applications. HANA is a fast and powerful database that provides real-time, multi-model data analytics, SAP HANA serves as a platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and other business applications.
Today's modern organizations have huge amounts of data that essentially sits in a data warehouse and provides no value, amounting to terabytes of untapped potential that could be used to accelerate business impact and provide greater customer value. With its lightning-fast, in-memory processing and real-time data analytics powered by machine learning, SAP HANA harnesses a company’s data and puts it to work for them, streamlining processes, eliminating errors, and providing benefits to clients, customers and employees. Enhance customer satisfaction with up-to-the minute product availability that can be accessed on any smart phone. Keep employees happy with simplified accounting processes, instant updates on benefits or vacation time, and enhanced collaboration platforms. And help managers and executives plan for the future with predictive analytics that can forecast supply chain issues, manage cash flow, and integrate team workflows for heightened efficiency.

SAP HANA is a powerful, all-in-one database platform that allows companies to store, analyze, and process massive volumes of data. It’s a unified, digital ecosystem that can handle both transactional and advanced analytics on a single data set. It has features such as multi-model data processing, application development, data virtualization, Benefits of SAP HANA and real-time analytics processing in addition to storing data is its accessibility in a fraction of a second. SAP HANA is a relational database management system that was marketed and developed by SAP SE and features in-memory data storage and column-oriented management. As a database server, the fundamental function of this system is to store and retrieve data as required by applications. SAP HANA, on the other hand, can execute advanced analytics including predictive analytics, text analysis, geographical data analysis, streaming analysis, graph data analysis, and even serve as an application server with ETL capabilities. The in-memory and column-oriented database that combines the OLAP (online analytical programming system) and OLTP (online transaction processing system) into a single system, making SAP HANA an OLTAP system, is the key feature that distinguishes HANA from prior generations of SAP systems. Data stored in main memory rather than on disc allows for faster data access, which aids in faster querying and processing, making it a more performance-beneficial but more expensive method of data storage.

SAP HANA integrates data from multiple areas within an organization:
1) Traditional business documents – including contracts and spreadsheets
2) UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) – including website forms, emails and other customer interactions
3) Mobile – information from the mobile devices of customers and your workforce
4) IoT (Internet of Things) – data from the many sensors that run in every aspect of a business, from warehouses and trucks to stores and offices
The SAP HANA system not only integrates all of this data; it can also apply machine learning and AI to analyze it instantly and deeply, accelerating real-time decision-making by providing key insights into a company’s operations.

Key expertise and experience of SAP HANA Consultant/Administrator and Solution Architect include:
Strong experience in HANA, involved in working with custom/freestyle HANA applications, extending the standard HANA apps and excellent debugging skill
Experience in the development and support of the SAP application
Perform SAP security, system
Extensive SAP HANA and SAP BW configuration / implementation experience gained on a broad range of engagements
Knowledge of client implementations using a mixture of SAP ECC / SAP HANA / BW / CRM and Business Objects toolset
Knowledge of SAP BI solution consisting of SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA native based reporting
Experience with SAP BW with good exposure to other SAP Modules including SD, MM and FICO
Experience of creating data models consisting of SAP HANA Views, BW Objects and external data as determined by the business needs
Possesses good technical abilities to deal with both back-end and front end issues
Familiar with SAPUI5 and knowledge of Fiori apps

Who this course is for:
SAP HANA Consultants
Beginners aspiring for a career in SAP HANA administration and management
Anyone wishing to appear for SAP HANA Certification exam
SAP HANA Solution Architects
SAP HANA Administrators
SAP HANA Logistics and Transportation Management Consultants
SAP S/4HANA Implementation Data Developers
SAP S4/HANA Consultants & Managers
Business Intelligence Data Leads - SAP HANA
SAP S4HANA Technical Architects
SAP Data Services/HANA ETL Developers

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