Screening Notes: Rehabilitation Specialist's Pocket Guide (Davis Notes Series)

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Screening Notes: Rehabilitation Specialist's Pocket Guide (Davis Notes Series)

Screening Notes: Rehabilitation Specialist's Pocket Guide (Davis Notes S.)
Author: by Dawn, Ph.D. Gulick
ISBN: 0803615736
Publisher: F. A. Davis Company; Spiral edition (June 9, 2006)
Format: PDF - 213 pages
List Price: $24.95
Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches

From Inside the eBook
INTRO Organizational Sequence of This Manual Tabs Across the Life Span ¦ Alerts & Alarms ¦ Pediatrics ¦ Adolescence ¦ Adult ¦ Pregnancy ¦ Geriatric Within Each Tab ¦ Musculoskeletal ¦ Neuromuscular ¦ Cardiovascular/Pulmonary ¦ Integumentary ¦ Gastrointestinal ¦ Hepatic ¦ Endocrine ¦ Urogenital ¦ Additional information What is a RED Flag? Age may also place a person at a higher risk for the development of certain pathologies. The clinician is encouraged to obtain a thorough history, complete a review of systems, clear adjacent structures, & then attempt to provoke the symptoms reported by the client. ALERTS/ ALARMS Visceral Innervations & Referral Patterns Segmental Innervation Viscera Referral Pattern(s) C3–5 T1–5 T3/4–6/7 T5–6 T6–8 T6–10 T7–10 T5/6–10/11 T7–10 T10–11 T10–12 T10–L1 T10–L1 S2–4 T11–L1 T11–L1 T11–L2 S2–4 Diaphragm Heart Esophagus Lungs Spleen Stomach Bile duct Gallbladder Liver Pancreas Small intestine Testes/ovaries Appendix Kidney Uterus Prostate Bladder Large intestine Ureter C-spine & anterior shoulders Anterior neck, chest, L UE Substernal & upper thorax T-spine L shoulder & upper 1/3 of arm Upper abdomen & T-spine Upper abdomen, mid T-spine R UQ, R T-spine R T-spine & R shoulder Upper abdomen, low T-spine & upper L-spine Mid T-spine & umbilicus Lower abdomen & sacrum R LQ, umbilicus High posterior costovertebral angle, radiates around flank L/S & T/L junction Sacrum, testes, T/L junction Sacral apex, suprapubic & upper thighs Lower abdomen, L-spine Costovertebral angle, groin, suprapubic & medial thigh ADOLESCENTS Pediatric Rheumatology Collaborative Study Group’s Articular Severity Index Pain with Tender to Limited Rating Swelling Motion Palpation Motion 1 3 No swelling Mild swelling (no loss of bony contour) Moderate swelling (loss of distinctive bony contour) Marked swelling (bulging synovial proliferation) No pain Mild pain Withdraws limb or facial grimace with jt mov’t Responds markedly to jt mov’t Source: Guzman J, Burgos-Vargas R, Duarte-Salazar C & Gomez-Mora (1995). No tenderness Mild tenderness Withdraws limb or facial grimace with palpation Responds markedly to palpation Full motion Limited up to 25% Limited up to 50% Limited up to 75% Limited by 75% 101 Signs & Symptoms of Anabolic Steroid Abuse ¦ Anxiety & chest pain ¦ v HDL & ^ LDL ¦ ^ BP ¦ ^ Weight gain in short period of time (10–15 lbs in 2–3 wks) ¦ Acne on face, chest, & upper back ¦ Needle marks ¦ Frequent hematomas ¦ Peripheral edema ¦ Rapid mood swings & sudden anger (“Roid Rage”) ¦ Growth plate closure ¦ Jaundice ¦ Alopecia ¦ Tumors & cancer ¦ Females: abnormal body hair, deeper voice, irregular menstruation ¦ Males: gynecomastia Ottawa Knee Rules X-ray series of the knee is only required if the patient presents with any of the following criteria:

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