ScriptingAnswers: Intermediate Windows Administrative Scripting

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ScriptingAnswers: Intermediate Windows Administrative Scripting

ScriptingAnswers: Intermediate Windows Administrative Scripting | 200 Mb

Extend your VBScript skills to include powerful Windows administrative technologies like Windows Management Instrumentation, Active Directory Services interface, and much more. You’ll also learn best practices that help make scripting easier and more effective in both small business and enterprise environments. Assumes that you already understand the VBScript core language (or have completed our VBScript 101 course). Select modules are followed by a self-assessment opportunity, and all samples are attached directly to the presentation for your convenience.

* Introducing WMI
* WMI Quick-Start Tools
* Basic WMI Queries
* Configuration using WMI
* Advanced WMI Connections
* Your First WMI Script
* Introducing ADSI
* ADSI Quick-Start Tools
* Using ADSI with Local Computer Accounts
* Using ADSI with Active Directory
* Your First ADSI Script
* Making Debugging Easier
* Using Script Debuggers
* Using Source Control Solutions
* Understanding Script Security Context and Remote Scripting

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