Selected Styles in Web-Based Educational Research

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

Bruce Mann, “Selected Styles in Web-Based Educational Research”
InfoSci | ISBN 159140732X | 2006 Year | PDF | ~6 Mb | 490 Pages

Web-based teaching has become ubiquitous in education and training departments around the world. Yet, few believe the Web to be a total solution to education. Simple provision of software management tools does not guarantee continuous student collaboration. Also, the current status of online collaborative environments does not match the variety of interactions and discussion in a classroom, and self-paced learning has a long history of student attrition due to the huge motivational investment required on the part of the student. For these reasons, Selected Styles in Web-Based Educational Research targets a large contingent of knowledgeable skeptics for whom Web-based teaching and learning has become an object of study. It is intended for prospective Web teachers and trainers interested in conducting Web-based educational research, and helps define style in educational research methodology.