Serial Port Complete

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Serial Port Complete

Serial Port Complete
Jan Axelson | ISBN 0965081923 | 1998 Year | PDF | 37,2 Mb | 306 Pages

Axelson covers not only RS-232 communications but also RS-485, a serial standard that allows for party-line or multi-drop connections. You would spend a lot of time looking for all the information that the book collects in one place. If you plan to use a serial port in any sort of application, this book is for you. It should go on your bookshelf alongside Axelson's earlier book, Parallel Port Complete.

Nuts & Volts, Sept '98
Serial Port Complete is an accurate title. This book covers everything you'd ever want to know about serial ports and network projects. And it's not all theory. This is a very practical book, full of detailed examples - including Stamps and Visual Basic. This book is a "must-have" for serious experimenters.


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