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John Anthony West - Serpent in the Sky (The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt)

Posted By: HelterSkelter
John Anthony West - Serpent in the Sky (The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt)

English Ebook | PDF (OCRed)| 7.52 Mb |ISBN: 0835606910 | Author: John Anthony West | 266 Pages| Published 1993 (First Quest Edition)

This revised edition of West's revolutionary reinterpretation of the civilization of Egypt challenges all that has been accpeted as dogma concerning this ancient and enigmatic land. It features a new introduction linking Egyptian science with the perennial wisdom tradition and an appendix updating the author's work in redating the Sphinx.

This is John Anthony West's amazing book Serpent in the Sky - The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt (1993) which is the revised edition of a modern classic (first published in 1979) challenging just about all that has been accepted as dogma about ancient Egypt and an update to his account of the advanced civilization of Ancient Egypt which hid its roots behind symbolic drawings and monuments completely misunderstood by most of the (materialistic) researchers.

Its primary concern is to popularize the otherwise inaccessible work of legendary egyptologist R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, who spent a great deal of time making exhaustive measurements of the Temple of Luxor and subsequently incorporated his findings into a comprehensive reinterpretation of ancient Egypt known as Symbolism. A final chapter and a pair of appendices summarize West's investigation of an offhand comment of Schwaller de Lubicz that the Sphinx appears to be weathered by water, with the conclusion that such weathering necessitates a redating of the Sphinx's carving to at least 5000-7000 BCE and perhaps much further in the past. As tracts of alternative archaeology go, this is not an easy read, and so the casual reader should be forewarned. West shows rather nicely how literal translations of Old Kingdom pyramid texts seem like complete gibberish, and most likely do not do justice to the people who wrote them. The symbolic translation appears much more believable and actually makes sense once it is put on a higher level of consciousness and thus understanding.

On the other hand, West is not reticent about engaging in rants against what he terms the "Church of Progress," meaning the belief in technological and scientific advancement as the measure of human accomplishment, and the depradations of modern society (which, he boldly asserts, is not a civilization) on the human soul. As he explains in this richly illustrated book the unity and purpose of ancient Egyptian culture was represented by the Serpent which symbollized choice: the lower or the higher path. The author brings to life the world of a people for whom higher truth was a living reality and ultimate goal. Serpent in the Sky is probably the best introduction to the advanced civilization of ancient Egypt as the reader is shown a true glimpse into the Egyptian consciousness by showing the symbolic triple-level workings of heiroglyphics. Not to be missed by anyone interested in true historical roots of ancient egyptian civilization and human civilization as a whole. 280 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

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