Sheet-Metal Work

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Sheet-Metal Work

Molloy, Edward
Sheet-Metal Work (Complete Engineer Series; v. 7)

ASIN: B0007E90AK | Chemical Publishing, 1941
pdf | 31.78mb | 96 pgs

The subject of sheet-metal work has in recent years become of first-class importance owing to the advent of all-metal aircraft. In addition to the use of aluminum and aluminum alloys for wing coverings and fuselage skins, they are used on practically all types of aircraft for engine cowlings, fairings, and petrol tanks.
The use of sheet metal in automobile construction has been standard practice for many years. In addition to these two very important applications, sheet metal work plays a vital part in heating and ventilating engineering and a wide variety of engineering and allied trades.
This book presents an up-to-date survey of the processes and operations involved in the cutting and shaping of all types of sheet metal. Much needed information is given on every aspect.