Sidney sheldon's four best books

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Sidney Sheldon

A master storyteller, Sidney Sheldon has garnered international praise and recognition the world over. The winner of an Oscar, a Tony, and an Edgar Allan Poe Award, Sheldon has over 200 television scripts, twenty-five major motion pictures, six Broadway plays and eighteen novels (which have sold over 300 million copies) to his credit, ranking him as one of the world's most prolific writers. With each of his books having hit #l on the New York Times bestseller list, Sheldon is one of the three best-selling authors alive today.
If tomorrow comes

She's Tracy Whitney, Sidney Sheldon's most exciting heroine ever.
Lovely, idealistic, she's soon to enter a life of hardship and revenge, one that will lead her into a dazzling world of sumptuous wealth, audacious exploits, and narrow escapes-and to a passion that promises to fulfill all her secret dreams...
A Stranger in the Mirror

A lonely man. Toby Temple is a super star and a super bastard, a man adored by his fans and plagued by suspicion and distrust.
A disillusioned woman. Jill Castle came to Hollywood to be a star-and discovered she had to buy her way with her body.
A world of predators. Here they are bound to each other by a love so ruthless, so strong, it is more than human-and less....

Tell Me Your Dreams....

Three gorgeous women. One dangerous secret.
Ashley, elegant yet haunted...Toni, sultry as well as vivacious...Alette, lovely and totally without conceit...three beautiful young women suspected of committing a series of horrifying murders. One of the most bizarre murder trials of the century is about to begin and reveal an astounding, startling piece of medical evidence almost impossible to believe. Sweeping from London to Rome, from Quebec to San Francisco, this latest tale from the world's reigning master storyteller is so much more than a mystery: It is a searching, riveting, and, finally, triumphant foray into the dark, wild depths of the human heart.

The Doomsday Conspiracy

When a mysterious weather balloon crashes to earth in the Swiss Alps, the head of the NSA handpicks Robert Bellamy to track down and identify the ten known witnesses to the event. A man whose obsession with his covert assignments has cost him the only woman he can ever love, Bellamy now faces the impossible. But as he searches for clues from Rome to Budapest to Texas, this mission blows up in his face-and rips the lid off an incredible conspiracy that stretches around the globe and even into space...
Alone and betrayed on every side, Bellamy must run for his life-holding an astonishing secret and the key to the planet's very survival.