D. Mcnicol, «A Primer of Signal Detection Theory»

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D. Mcnicol, «A Primer of Signal Detection Theory»

D. Mcnicol, «A Primer of Signal Detection Theory»
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates | ISBN 0805853235 | 2004 Year | PDF | 9,28 Mb | 240 Pages

Signal Detection Theory (SDT) has had, and continues to have, an enormous impact on many branches of psychology. Although its initial applications were in the interpretation of sensory processes, its domain has since widened considerably. For example, concepts derived from SDT are widely used in memory research and in studies of the processing of verbal information. SDT has been called by many a revolution and I do not think that is an exaggeration. A basic understanding of SDT has become essential for anyone with a serious interest in experimental psychology.
The classic work on SDT is Signal Detection Theory and Psychophysics by D. M. Green and J. A. Swets, originally published by Wiley in 1966 and reprinted with corrections by Kreiger in 1974. This remains a very useful source for advanced researchers and those with mathematical sophistication. However, for many readers, the descriptions and derivations will be beyond their grasp. A more recent and more user-friendly text is Detection Theory: A User's Guide by N. A. Macmillan and C. D. Creelman, originally published in 1991. The second edition of this book has just been published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. The Macmillan and Creelman book still assumes a good deal of mathematical and statistical sophistication, but it makes more use of visual analogies, and is intended especially as a practical guide to those actively involved in areas of research that depend on a good understanding and appreciation of SDT. In their preface, Macmillan and Creelman state "It could be the basic text in a one-semester graduate or upper level undergraduate course." However some undergraduates may find it too detailed if they simply want to get a basic understanding of SDT.


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