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Students and working professionals will findSignals and Systems with MATLAB® Applications,Second Edition, to be a concise and easy-to-learntext. It provides complete, clear, and detailed explanations of the principal analog and digital signal processing concepts and analog and digital filterdesign illustrated with numerous practical examples.

This text includes the following chapters and appendices: • Elementary Signals • The Laplace Transformation • The Inverse Laplace Transformation • Circuit Analysis with Laplace Transforms • State Variables and State Equations • The ImpulseResponse and Convolution • Fourier Series • The Fourier Transform • Discrete Time Systemsand the Z Transform • The DFTand The FFTAlgorithm • Analog and Digital Filters• Introduction to MATLAB • Review of Complex Numbers • Review of Matrices and DeterminantsEach chapter contains numerous practical applications supplemented with detailed instructionsfor using MATLABto obtain quick solutions.