Simulating Fuzzy Systems

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Simulating Fuzzy Systems

Simulating Fuzzy Systems
Springer | 3540241167 | 2005 | PDF | 208p | 2 MB | RS | FF

Simulating Fuzzy Systems demonstrates how many systems naturally become fuzzy systems and shows how regular (crisp) simulation can be used to estimate the alpha-cuts of the fuzzy numbers used to analyze the behavior of the fuzzy system. This monograph presents a concise introduction to fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, fuzzy estimation, fuzzy probabilities, fuzzy systems theory, and fuzzy computation. It also presents a wide selection of simulation applications ranging from emergency rooms to machine shops to project scheduling, showing the varieties of fuzzy systems.

This book is written in two major parts. The first part includes the introductory chapters consisting of Chaps. 1 through 8. In part two, Chaps. 9–26, we present the applications.

There are no prerequisites, but it would be helpful to know some basic information about queuing systems. However, the reader should be able to understand, from the figures and analytical development, how simulation is useful in analyzing fuzzy systems.



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