OReilly Skype Hacks Tips and Tools

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OReilly Skype Hacks Tips and Tools
OReilly Skype Hacks Tips and Tools

Publisher: O'Reilly / Print ISBN-10: 0-596-10189-9 / Pages: 342 / Format :Chm

Skype Hacks shows you how to:

- Get started with Skype

- Figure out how much money you're saving and maximize your savings

- Cut the ties to your old phone company

- Optimize your Skype configuration

- Integrate Skype with desktop tools like Microsoft Office and your web browser

- Set up a Skype-based call center

The book offers ideas for creating and organizing a contacts list, using Skype to transfer files, taking advantage of chat and voicemail capabilities, turning a PDA into a mobile phone, and automating Skype for even greater efficiency. So whether you'd simply like to give Skype a trial run, you want new Skype ring tones and fun on-hold music, or you're considering wiring your home with Skype to get rid of "regular" phone service altogether, Skype Hacks is your ideal guide.