SNA & TCP/IP Integration Handbook

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SNA & TCP/IP Integration Handbook

Author: Ed Taylor
ISBN: 0070634122
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies - 21 October, 1998

Find the information you need. Fully 35% of business networks run the SNA protocol developed by IBM. Yet TCP/IP is the protocol of the Internet, with growing acceptance as the networking standard. As a result, many corporate computing environments face the daunting prospect of migration or integration. To handle these complex jobs, you couldn't be in better hands than this author's. A recognized authority, so expert at networking that he has his own book series. Ed Taylor breaks down the complex SNA-TCP/IP challenge into manageable chunks. In this absolutely essential handbook, he provides everything network administrators and managers need to ensure a smooth transition from SNA to TCP/IP, or an integrated environment.
No matter what your level of expertise or depth of technical knowledge, this book provides the bridges, the background, and the clear, uncompromising detail that you need to guarantee integration. Fully illustrated with diagrams, this book brings you assured guidance in design, configuration, internetworking, and maintenance. The SNA and TCP/IP Integration Handbook--it's the only guide to SNA and TCP/IP you'll ever need.

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