Snow Leopard Server (Developer Reference)

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Snow Leopard Server (Developer Reference)

Snow Leopard Server (Developer Reference)
Wiley | 2009-11-02 | ISBN: 0470521317 | 976 pages | PDF | 17 MB

In–depth guide to all aspects of handling Apple′s newest big cat Whether you manage a large enterprise server or your own Macs at home or in a small office, this book has what you need to understand Apple′s new Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server inside and out. Crammed with information, this detailed guide presents best practices and insights that have been field–tested by author Daniel Dilger, a professional administrator and Apple developer. You′ll soon learn to deploy, administer, and update Apple′s powerful new cat.

•Get to know Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server, Apple′s scalable, 64–bit UNIX–based operating system, and the most powerful Mac OS X version yet
•Explains all aspects, both hardware and software
•Shows how to host Web 2.0 applications, crunch tons of data, or centralize the day–to–day activities of a software development team
•Covers installation and configuration, account authentication and authorization, using open directory, using print and file services, managing accounts and deployment, and using Apple Remote Desktop, Enterprise solutions, and command line control
•Explores open source applications such as iChat Theater, Mail, iCal, Podcast Producer, and more