Essential SourceSafe

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Essential SourceSafe

Essential SourceSafe by Ted Roche

Essential SourceSafe is the training aid and reference manual for casual users, software developers and SourceSafe administrators in installing, configuring and maintaining SourceSafe in a variety of development environments. This book covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the basics of installation and maintenance, to more advanced features such as reporting, to very advanced features like automation.

The book starts with the basics of installation and configuration and goes on to explain the theory behind SourceSafe. There is thorough coverage of using SourceSafe as a standalone tool, and how to integrate it into other Microsoft products such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and SQL Server. Common problems and their solutions are discussed for all of these environments.

Finally, the book concludes with several advanced chapters: for developers, how to manipulate source code control features via Automation or the command-line interface, and for administrators, how to optimally test and maintain SourceSafe data and security models. Numerous software and batch file examples, included in the body text and available for download, illustrate key points and provide a good starting point for anyone looking to customize and optimize their SourceSafe platform.