Louise K. Harra, «Space Science»

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Louise K. Harra, «Space Science»

Louise K. Harra, «Space Science»

Publisher: Imperial College Press | April 2004 | ISBN: 1860943616 | Pages: 528 | Format: PDF | Size: 13 MB

This invaluable book provides an introduction to space science. It brings together the various space science disciplines in one volume, and will benefit a wide audience, particularly students starting their graduate studies. The text presents a unique outlook, which will encourage students to think in broad terms across the whole range of space science, from the Earth's climate system to cosmology. There are also chapters describing basic techniques necessary to progress in space science research.


* Remote Sensing of the Earth's Climate System
* Planetary Science
* Space Plasma Physics — A Primer
* Space Weather
* The Physics of the Sun
* X-Ray Astronomy
* Using Quantum Physics and Spectroscopy to Probe the Physical Universe
* An Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics
* 'Minimal' Relativity
* Cosmology
* Topics in Practical Statistics
* Instrumentation for Photon Detection in Space
* Space Engineering