Macmillan Science Library: Space Sciences, 4 vol. set

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Macmillan Science Library: Space Sciences, 4 vol. set

Space Sciences (Macmillan Science Library)
Macmillan Reference, The Gale Group | 2002 year | ISBN 002865546X | PDF | 47,78 Mb

“Grade 9 Up-Covering scientific, technological, and business aspects, this set offers a unique approach to its subject. Each alphabetically arranged volume has a different focus. The first, Space Business, covers current commercial activity in space, such as medical research, satellites, space law, business applications, and associated careers. Planetary Science and Astronomy has information on galaxies, stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Space travel, vehicles, equipment, and explorers are covered in Humans in Space. The final volume, Our Future in Space, is highly speculative in its discussion of potential possibilities, technology, and conjectural ideas, such as faster-than-light travel, from science fiction writers, books, and movies. Biographical entries appear throughout the set. Articles include events and publications through 2001. Captioned color and black-and-white photos featuring people and equipment are informative, sometimes spectacular, although often small. Each table of contents covers the entire set and cross-references refer readers to articles in the other volumes. Glossary terms are highlighted in the text and defined in the margins as well. A useful and appealing approach to the subject.” – Jeffrey A. French, Euclid Public Library, OH

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