Christian Schorn, "NMR-Spectroscopy: Data Acquisition" (1st Edition)

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Christian Schorn, "NMR-Spectroscopy: Data Acquisition" (1st Edition)
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 35272282822729 | 2001 Year | PDF | 1,82 Mb | 348 Pages

The key to correct structure analysis now in its edition.
There have been many important advances in the field since the first publication of this book. Consequently, this edition has been extended to incorporate a number of pulse sequence developments. Nevertheless, it still details the basic experiments on a step-by-step basis, such that students and newcomers may come to understand basic data acquisition procedures, modular pulse sequence units, and complete sequences in NMR spectroscopy. The author applies the numerous possibilities of Bruker's simulation program NMR-SIM to provide a guided introduction to the world of pulse sequences. The effectiveness of particular NMR experiments is demonstrated by the "Check Its" section and that of data processing by the accompanying CD-ROM containing the Bruker processing software 1D and 2D WIN-NMR.
Major revisions include increased coverage of simulations of multiple offset selective pulse experiments as well as filter elements. One new chapter is a collection of some of the latest published ideas to improve existing sequences, together with spin-state selective experiments.
The result is a volume encouraging beginners to use high resolution NMR, while prompting experts to evaluate new experiments using the easy-manageable simulation program.