St.Petersburg. The church of the saviour on the blood

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St.Petersburg. The church of the saviour on the blood

St. Petersburg. History of CHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR ON THE BLOOD. (multimedia CD) Санкт-Петербург. Спас-на-Крови. Мультимедийный диск
St. Isaac’s Cathedral | 2005 | ISO image | 693Mb

Virtual excursion to the Church of the Saviour on the blood.
40-minutes documentary film about history the most beatiful church of St. Petersburg.
More 1000 photos. The Church of the Resurrection, known as the "Saviour on the Blood", was erected between 1883 and 1907 on the site where, on 1 March 1881, Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded by a bomb thrown by Ignaty Grinevitsky, a member of the People's Will organization.
During the Soviet period, the church was considered to have no artistic value. It miraculously escaped demolition, however, and was used as a storehouse. Restoration work on the church started in 1970 and its reopening in 1997 was an important event in the cultural life of the city.
Two languages - russian and english.

Интерактивный диск о возникновении одного из самых красивых соборов северной столицы - Спаса-на-Крови.
Диск двуязычный - русский и английский. 50-минутный документальный фильм, озвученный народным артистом СССР Кириллом Лавровым.
А также интерактивный каталог, содержащий около 1000 изображений и панорам.
Отличная возможность устроить себе виртуальную экскурсию!

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