Stanisław Lem SF collection of novels [English language version]

Posted By: aandre

Well, I searched, and searched and searched. And I found it: the collection of novels by a Polish SF world-famous writer Stanisław Lem translated into English. Enjoy!

File: Stanislaw_Lem_collection
File szie: 2.23 MB
File contents:
Lem,Stanislaw-Automatthews Friend
Lem,Stanislaw-Chain of Chance
Lem,Stanislaw-High castlev3[1].0
Lem,Stanislaw-His Masters Voice
Lem,Stanislaw-Memoirs Found in a Bathtub
Lem,Stanislaw-Return from the Starsv3[1].0
Lem,Stanislaw-Seventh Voyage
Lem,Stanislaw-Star Diaries 23rd Voyage
Lem,Stanislaw-Talesof Pirx the Pilot
Lem,Stanislaw-The Cyberiad
Lem,Stanislaw-The Futurological Congress
Lem,Stanislaw-The Investigation
Lem,Stanislaw-The Invincible[htm]
Lem,Stanislaw-The Offer of King Krool
Lem,Stanislaw-The Star Diaries 02-Memoirs of a Space TravelerE

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