Step by Step Guide Book on Home Wiring

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Step by Step Guide Book on Home Wiring

Step By Step Guide Book Co | ISBN: 0961920106 | Author: Ray McReynolds | Edition: January 1, 1989 | 48 pages |~6.5Mb

Book #1 - Guide book on Home Wiring Contents:

* How the home electrical system works.
* How to turn off the main power supply.
* The three ways to get power to your new wiring job.
* How the ground wiring works in plastic boxes.
* All about electrical wire.
* How to use wire nuts and screw terminals.
* How to install wiring in new walls.
* The most common measurements for outlets and switches.
* All about the ground wire.
* All about electrical boxes.
* Information on electrical codes.
* Standard electrical symbols
* Watts used by different electrical items.
* How to find the cause of a short circuit.
* How to fix fluorescent light fixtures.
* How to wire boxes, fixtures and switches.
* Color coding of wires, screw terminals, etc.
* All about switches
* How to add new outlets to existing ones.
* How to wire doorbells and buzzers.
* Electrical box capacity chart.
* All about outlets.
* All about three-way switches
* All about single pole switches.
* All about four-way switches.
* How to wire outlet and light with pull chain
* How to wire outlet switch and light
* Electrical Terms.