Stephen King - The Bachman Books (PDF)

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Stephen King - The Bachman Books (PDF)

Stephen King – The Bachman Books

New English Library Ltd | 1987 | ISBN:
045039249X | 656 pages | PDF | 4,98 Mb

The book consists of four great novels.
In quiet Placerville, Maine, a slightly twisted boy named Charles Decker holds the 24 other students of his algebra class at gunpoint after shooting 2 teachers.
The Long Walk:
Is about a walk where the winner gets the ultimate prize - anything they want for life, and the losers get punished with death!
The story of 40 year old Barton Dawes is fairly normal, up to the point when the city council decide to extend the 784 Freeway. In order to do this they have to demolish a few buildings - his house and workplace are both scheduled to be torn down.
The Running Man:
The future is a very dark place, where people work in dangerous jobs for low wages, but employment is still extremely hard to get. Ben Richards knows that the only way his wife and daughter can get out of the low class lifestyle is for him to try to win money on one of the many gameshows on television.